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Everything you can expect from Health Tourism Albania.

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery or other elective medical treatments, have you considered travelling to Albania? You may be surprised by how much this beautiful country has to offer, from its Mediterranean climate to its mountainous scenery.

But more importantly, Albania is also home to outstanding quality cosmetic and medical treatments, supplied by world-class healthcare providers, and delivered by leading international clinicians.

The biggest benefit? You can access these cosmetic and elective procedures extremely cost effectively, saving up to 50% of the cost of procedures in the UK, even taking into account travelling and accommodation costs.

· Plastic Surgery · Dentistry · Rhinoplasty · Hair transplant · Gastric balloon · IVF · Eye Surgery

We take care of everything, especially you.

At Health Tourism Albania we organise your whole experience, from booking you into one of our highly renowned medical facilities which includes the outstanding American Hospital, right through to your flights, transfers, and accommodation.

While you are here, we’ll ensure your medical treatment and patient care is second to none. We are dedicated to rigorous standards of health and safety. You’ll recover in comfort, under the watchful eye of our professional, expert staff.

If you’ve been considering a cosmetic or elective medical procedure, you’ll find the latest innovations in treatments and care available in Albania. It comes without waiting lists, without excessive cost, and with a luxurious stay in a beautiful setting, so you can return home rested and rejuvenated.

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