Plan your Treatment using the services of a facilitator:

  • Contact the agency by e-mail or phone or directly through our website, complete personal data, ask when doubt,
  • You will be provided with offers which meet your criteria, including comparison of prices,
  • A facilitator will assist you in making the decision, take care of the plane tickets, hotel, transport, and most of all provide you with assistant, who will be at your disposal 24/7. The facilitator will also recommend tourist attractions, concerts, spa, wellness centres,
  • A facilitator will organize an earlier medical consultation, help in completing the necessary medical documentation, offer insurance.
  • During your stay in a medical facility you will be under constant care of a facilitator,
  • Your facilitator will make sure that your medical documentation after the treatment in a Medical Facility is complete, including a description of tests, treatments and recommendations,
  • After your return to your home country, you can keep in touch with the facilitator at your discretion. The facilitator will organize an additional consultation or medical assistance if needed.