What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a fertility procedure that involves a woman who agrees to carry someone else’s baby. This woman is known as surrogate or gestational carrier, while the patients are usually called intended parents.

Traditional surrogacy: In this case, the surrogate contributes an egg as well, and therefore her genetic load. In this case, surrogacy is done through intrauterine insemination with the intended father’s sperm, although IVF using the surrogate’s eggs is possible as well.
Gestational surrogacy: The surrogate or gestational carrier does not contribute an egg for the creation of an embryo. In this case, the genetic material of the baby-to-be is that of the intended mother. Using donor eggs is possible as well.

Why surrogacy might become necessary?

The group of patients for which surrogacy is often necessary are heterosexual couples or single parents which find themselves in one of the following situations:

  • Absence of the uterus
  • Uterine malformations or alterations
  • Diseases and conditions preventing women from becoming pregnant because the baby’s and mother’s health would be at risk
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL)
  • Repeated IVF failure (RIF)
  • Other objective issues that involve one of the partner(s) that prevent them to carry a pregnancy to term.

Health Tourism Albania uses a team-oriented approach for Surrogacy that provides the highest level of integrity, support and compassion. It is our pledge to guide the intended parent(s) through every step of this life-changing process, acting as both a resource for information on the surrogacy process and an unparalleled support system for them and surrogate mothers.

As part of our service, we offer the intended parent(s) premium IVF clinics, such as American Hospital or Hygeia Hospital, and help them to find the right support during this challenging process. HTA leads the whole process, from the beginning until the intended parent(s) return home with their newborn babies.


ALBANIA is a convenient and efficient destination for surrogacy, due to affordable costs and the ease of obtaining the necessary documents. After the birth, parent(s) need round 1 month to get all the needed documents in order to travel back home with their so wanted baby. The child documents are assigned by court and the appearing names on the child documents will be the intended parents names. The Procedure needed to receive this legal documentation is simple and does not require the hiring of additional lawyers.

Albania is a country in South-eastern Europe easy accessible from all around the world. Many countries do not require a visa to visit Albania. But for visitors who do require a visa to enter the country, they can apply for one at the Albanian consulate in their country or upon arrival at Tirana International Airport (we offer full assistance with this if needed)