Medical Treatments Prices

Our specialist hospitals offer a range of other elective surgeries and treatments including orthopaedics, general surgery, and gynaecology.

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Ten reasons to choose Health Tourism Albania

  1. Full range of plastic surgery, non-invasive cosmetic treatments, and elective medical procedures
  2. State-of-the-art medical facilities
  3. Internationally respected and highly qualified specialist doctors and surgeons
  4. Prices 40-50% cheaper than UK for most treatments
  5. All flights, travel arrangements and accommodation bookings (if required) done for you
  6. Short flight time from UK (just three hours from London)
  7. Flights from London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, and Glasgow
  8. Choose to top and tail your treatment in hotel or spa accommodation
  9. Beautiful setting in the Mediterranean’s ‘hidden gem’ Albania
  10. Easy process from initial enquiry to booking – no waiting lists, and we handle it all

Hair Transplant

Micro Fue – standart price 1800 Euros and it includes PRP (PROTEIN RICH PLASMA) and free hair wash for 10 days (which will also teach the client how they should wash their hair after the procedure)

For the summer the standart price will be 1600 Euros without the PRP but with the free hair wash

DHI Hair Transplant – 2000-2500 per session

Eyebrow Transplant

1000-1200 Euros
Summer discount – 800 Euros

Gastric Balloon

Standart price - 2500 Euros
Summer discount - 2100 Euros

Plastic Surgery

(Albanian and Italian doctors available)

Breast Augmentation – 3700 Euros
Summer discount - 3200 Euros

Rhinoplasty (Albanian doctor) – 1800 Euros
Summer discount – 1500 Euros (including overnight stays)

Dental services

Implants – starting from 300 Euros
Zirconia dental crowns – 170 Euros
Emax dental crowns – 290 Euros
E-max veneers – 300 Euros

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

Standart price 2800 Euros (It always depends on the couple/if they have other concerns or not)

German Eye Clinic

Femto Laser cataract surgery for one eye – 1850 Euros
Femto Laser cataract surgery for both eyes – 3500 Euros
Femto Laser mature cataract for one eye – 2200 Euros
Femto Laser mature cataract for both eyes - 4200 Euros
Lasik Laser eye surgery for one eye – 800 Euros
Lasik Laser eye surgery for both eyes – 1500 Euros
Femto Lasik for one eye – 1250 Euros
Femto Lasik for both eyes – 2500 Euros


Knee prothesis and femoral coccyx – 6500 Euros in total including tests, the stay, physiotherapy and re-examination

Meniscus Tear repair surgery – 1800 Euros, including one night stay and re-examination with the doctor

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), Ligament Injury - 4500 Euros

Kirugji e pergjithshme

Cholecystitis – 1800 Euros

Laser treatment for varicose veins – 1500 Euros
Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty procedure – 2000 Euros


Vaginal hysterectomy – prices start from 3000-6000 + 3 nights stay included

+ We offer all services at your request. If you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.