Thousands of patients have trusted us with their health and life. Patients come to the American Hospital expecting to have the highest standards that medicine can currently offer. The patients and their families consider the American Hospital as the place of care, trust and hope, the last word of medicine, the light in the end of the tunnel. The considerable number of patient, the trust and hopes we have given them speak volumes about us. It speaks of the reputation we have established in twelve years of activity of the hospital hard-working team. It also speaks of the high expectations and responsibility we face on a daily basis to support those who have trusted in us. Establishing ourselves as leaders and setting standards of international level and beyond means that we should have a solution to every patient need, to offer them the highest efficient system and the most upgraded technology in support of the professionalism of the team.

Owing to effective medical treatments and an innovative and sustainable environment, we can improve the overall quality of life of our patients. We are also continuously investing in research that has a specific impact on the progression of medicine.

American Hospital’s vision of excellence and leadership is driven by its core values. These include service, partnership, stewardship and integrity. We strive for high quality in healthcare.

Klodian ALLAJBEU, M.D.


First established in December 2006; the American Hospital widened its activity focusing first in general surgery, orthopedics, eye surgery, orthopedics and expanded the company into the full service organization that it is today.

Top Medical Services

Cardiovascular Surgery

The cardiovascular department at the American Hospital gave birth to a new era in the Albanian modern medicine. Since 12 years the American Hospital is the only and undisputable leader in heart surgery in Albania. A team of talented cardiologists has treated thousands of patients with different cardiologic problems in years, including the most severe cases of the acute myocardial infarctions. All the cardiologic pathologies, ranging from the aortic surgery in the valve surgery, from the congenital heart defects to the multiple bypasses, find solution in one single address.

General Surgery

The American Hospital with its selected team of Albanian and foreign surgeons, marks the widest range of surgical interventions that have been carried out in the country; including highly performed surgeries such as: gastric sleeve; intestinal, colorectal, endocrine, pancreatitis, oncologic surgeries etc.

Plastic Surgery

Since 2008, hundreds of patients have trusted the American Hospital with their choice to have a greater body, a more perfect look or to revise a previous damage. With a rate of over 50 interventions on a monthly basis, this department offers the best quality cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Orthopaedics– Traumatology

Sustained by the expertise of a selected Albanian and foreign experts, this clinic has been enjoying a high professional reputation since eleven years. In a range from the arthroscopic procedures with a minimum inpatient time, to the bones tumors, from surgery procedures into congenital defects among young children, to the traumas caused by severe accidents, the orthopedic doctors of AH are able to respond at best to every need arising from the condition of the patient.

Gynaecology and IVF

The department of Reproductive Medicine & In Vitro Fertilization is one of the most advanced departments of the whole structure of American Hospital in Albania. With a full range of services that includes all kind of infertility treatments especially such as hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, this department is unique in Albania. Equipped with latest technology and equipment, the team of infertility experts has helped many infertile couples to achieve the desired pregnancy.


The optical centre at the American Hospital currently provides the widest range of examinations and surgery that a modern ophthalmological clinic can offer. By providing its services to the children and adults and offering a treatment to all eye-related pathologies, the center has become a reference point not only in Albania but also in the region. Laser correction of the vision, elimination of the cataract through phacoemulfication, transplant of the cornea, treatment of the keratoconus, vitreoretinal surgery etc. are the top surgeries successfully performed in American Hospital Eye Center.


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