The development of medical technology has made that even a woman in a certain age, can be able to give birth to a child. Here is the story of 56-year-old woman, who longed for a child of her own and who had lost all her hopes that this could ever happen.

Thanks to the specialized staff and the most modern tools in Albania and beyond, for several years the American Hospital has made many happy pairs.

And 5 years ago, in May 2013, an Albanian woman, thanks to the “In Vitro” technology gave birth to her first child at 56 years of age. After some unsuccessful attempts, with the support of the Medical Team team and under the special medical care of Dr. Elton Peci, this woman from Fushë-Kruja became the mother of a beautiful daughter.

These births are classified as pregnancies of high maternal-fetal risks. But nothing is impossible!