Holidays are coming, this is the perfect time to treat Yourself.

Here are a list of treatments:

  1. Breast Augmentation
    A common breast surgery favored around holiday time is breast augmentation. With or without a breast this time of year enables women to recover discretely over the holidays without taking additional time off work. Swelling will be gone by the time a winter vacation comes around, and final results will be appreciated well in advance of summer swimsuit season!
  2. Liposuction and Abdominoplasty
    Liposuction and abdominoplasty are extremely popular body plastic surgery procedures before and during the holidays. Why? Again, downtime! It is easy to conceal postoperative compression garments under cozy winter layers of clothing, and the timing is perfect for results to be final for spring and summer.
  3. Botox & Juvederm
    For a quick simple fix, Botox and Fillers are a great way to help you take years off your face. These are popular treatments during the holidays because they can reduce the appearance of frown lines, crow’s feet, smile lines, smoker’s lines and more. In addition to the significant natural-looking results, treatments are quick and there is no physica downtime!     
  4. Chemical Peels
    For a refreshed look, exfoliating the skin with a chemical peel is the perfect solution. This treatment helps exfoliate dead skin cells and help reveal fresh, new skin.
  5. CoolSculpting
    Do you have some fat that just won’t go away with diet and exercise? CoolSculpting allows you to say goodbye for good to that stubborn fat by freezing it away! How does it work? With no needles, no surgery, and no downtime, CoolSculpting applies targeted cooling to fat cells and over time, your body naturally flushes out those fat cells, leaving a more sculpted you. Some clients begin noticing results in as little as three weeks, and more significant results can be seen 3-4 months after treatment.
  6. Mesotherapy
    Mesotherapy is a broad term for a non-invasive cosmetic technique that involves multiple injections of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, homeopathics, hormones or enzymes to tighten the skin, treat hair loss, minimize cellulite, and lighten pigmented skin, among others.
  7. Thermage
    This popular non-surgical skin tightening treatment has little downtime with varying results. It strives to subtly take years off your face using radiofrequency energy that stimulates collagen production.