What are the stages of surgical procedure for implant placement?

The surgical placement of these implants is fast and is performed under local anesthesia within a few minutes.

Let’s now examine how the procedure for dental implant placement is developed:

– The gingiva in the area is anesthetized.
– There is a small incision in this area to separate the gingive from the bone.
– The outer part of the bone is engraved with a small tip.
– When a small hole is formed, it extends to allow the implant to be placed.
– The bone hydrates throughout the physiological operation to prevent heat.
– The implant is placed in the newly created site.
– A titanium screw is screwed to the dental implant to help the gingiva during healing.
– Apply suture to close the entire implant area properly.
– All the procedure lasts only a few minutes.
When the work is completed, it will take about three months to permanently connect the implant to the bone.
– After 3 months the titanium screws attached to the implant are removed and a place indicator is placed.
– Measure the implant position mass in the mouth.
– Selects the appropriate size of the new tooth.
– Sutures are released after a week.

Is the intervention painful  ?

The intervention for setting dental implants is not at all painful.
For many professionals, this is a day-to-day operation that takes place in a short time.

Many patients think that this intervention is traumatic and can affect their future well-being, but that is not the case.
Intervention to insert dental implants is performed smoothly and without causing special pain for those who need to undergo this surgery.