What is the right way to protect your eyes?

Eyes can be damaged by taking days or days in front of a computer screen or television screen, environmental contamination from all weather agents, air conditioning, allergies, diabetes, and even recently with rheumatic diseases. The consequence is one and only: irritation and redness of the eyes.

How to protect your eyes from your computer screen?

The background beyond the screen should never be all dark. There should be no reflection on the screen. Contrast and screen brightness should be adjusted to average values. The screen should be approximately 50-60 centimeters away from the eyes, preferably using a reflex screen filter.
When working in front of the computer, it is best to take a few minutes off the eye for about a minute. Rotate the eyes in the surrounding area at least every one hour to rest for 15 minutes.

Use artificial tears!

Just as you do with your body, you should do it with your eyes when it comes to dehydration, use artificial tears four times a day even if your eyes are not dry. Consider a blue light filter!

Seeing the damage the computer causes in the eye, youshould consider finding a pair of glasses that will filter the harmful light and allow the passage of “light”. They will reduce reflections and fatigue. To find such lenses you can consult your eye doctor.