All, at least once in a lifetime, we went to the dentist and we were recommended to be careful of the cavities. Precisely those feared caries that the dentists removes with the help of drills and other tools not pleasant, which lead us to hate deeply the dental sessions.

Now at Dilo Dental Center you can go without any fear. Our partner uses  the latest methods to make the client happy.

What is Brix 3000 ?

Enzymatic gel for non-traumatic caries removal

This gel is a dental product for non-traumatic caries treatment involving an enzymatic activity.

How it works ?

This gel is placed by the dentist on the carious lesion and just in two minutes it attacks the infected tissues which are then removed manually with slight movements and without exerting pressure.

No more needles or trauma to remove dental crisis.

With the BRIX 3000 non traumatic gel the removal of the caries teeth is easier and painless.