The medical conferences at the American Hospital have been transformed into the main scene for nearly a year, revealing and discussing innovative information, innovations and techniques that are essential for the professional growth of the medical staff.

“Reversal of Myocarditis’’Conference. The Coronary Artery Bypass on & off pomp” organized by the Department of Cardiac Surgery of the American Hospital had in focus  the surgical methods performed at the American Hospital and specifically it was focused on the treatment of patients with heart problems, from hospitalization to adequate treatment .

”On & off pumps” operations or operations in a heart  that does not stop beating has its benefits and we believe that the conference participants will be familiar with these methods that are being introduced today in most of the hospitals in Europe at a very large percentage and are considered as “gold” techniques  or as the best treatment that can be done by a coronary heart disease patient, “explained Dr. Arben Kojqiqi, lecturer at the conference.


In the American hospital, adds cardiotomorphologist Arben Kojqiqi, about 90% of heart surgeries  is performed with this technique. “We are a few steps ahead from  some of Europe’s well-known centers because these operations in Europe are made in 30% of the hospitals with this technique that we use. So there are special centers in Europe that are trained for such interventions. The American hospital in terms of heart surgery is at the same level as other international hospitals, ” pointed Dr. Arben Kojqiqi.


“Myocardial Rivascularization” Conference . Cornory Artery bypass ” on & off pomp”comes under a well-defined program from the Department of Academic Strategy and Medical Education at the American Hospital. This medical science program will culminate with the most prestigious event of Contemporary Medicine, the “International Medical IV Multidisciplinary Congress” which will be held on November 15th-17th in Hotel Plaza in Tirana. A major activity, the only one of its kind in our country, where the pleiad of over 100 prominent professors from 25 countries of the world, will join the contribution of the best doctors from all over Albania.