The quality-price ratio and the innovative services that provides the American Hospital in Albania, have increased more and more foreign patients to decide and choose the American Hospital for their treatments.

It is about the latest case of macedonian citizen Ljupka Avramovik, who underwent a stomach surgical intervention called gastric “sleeves”. This intervention helps to lose weight, reducing the size of stomach and consequently its ability and capacity to maintain food. The operation was successfully performed through laparoscopic technique, by the well-known Italian surgeon, Prof. Dr. Antonio Catona, at the American Hospital 3.

“The problem is not just aesthetic, because obesity also can cause cardiac, pulmonary, joints and diabetic problems, so it is a general pathology. The surgery consists in the fact of turning the stomach into a “sleeve” or “sleeves” as it is called in English. The patient has supported very well, and can then consume all types of food, but in smaller quantities.

“Prof. Dr. Antonio Catona, the general surgeon, is the first surgeon in the world to have performed this laparoscopic method on gastric surgery. The combination of medical experience with innovative technology has made the name of the American Hospital exceed Albanian-speaking borders, and hundreds of foreign patients consider the American Hospital as the medical destination that provides successful solutions to all pathologies; from the simplest to even the most complicated surgeries.

“I had heard about the American Hospital and the excellent surgeon Prof. Dr. Antonio Catona. Also I’ve been informed that this type of intervention works with laparoscopy through tubes and not with classical surgery, so I decided to come. References in this case were fair, “said the 30-year-old patient.

The patient also underlined the tireless and consistent work of the American hospital’s medical staff.

“I stayed for 5 days at the American Hospital and I’m really satisfied by all conditions and in particular I would like to thank Prof. Dr. Antonio Catona and the nursing staff who were ready and responsible at any moment, “said Ljupka Avramovik.

In patients with diabetes it is noted that after this surgery, the pathology has disappeared in 90% of cases. It also improves breathing, opening up those pulmonary areas that were previously closed.

Within a year, at the American Hospital has been successfully completed without any complications, about 30 operations.