Being a mother now does not know any age or limit. The American Hospital holds the upcoming record in the field of In Vitro Fertilization. The IVF team led by Dr. Elton Peci and embryologist Dr.BesfortFerhati has successfully performed an IVF Procedure with an Italian patient at the age of 62.

According to Dr. Elton Peçi, the particularity of this case is that we are dealing with the first pregnancy at the age of 62 in Albania and this is done through In Vitro Fertilization. For the moment the patient is in the 14th week of pregnancy. The age of the patient is a record not only for Albania, but for Italy as well, as the birth through IVF in the most advanced age in Italy belongs to a case two years ago at the age of 62.

Ms. Anna Rita Marini, a 62-year-old Italian patient, has expressed her enthusiasm for the beautiful and much-anticipated news of her pregnancy by showing more about her experience at the American Hospital:

“I have tried so much in Italy to become a Mother, but without success. I consulted and decided to try out of Italy. I am very happy that I chose Albania and found this specialized service and above all wonderful doctors who answered and took care of all my fears and concerns. I feel more at home here than in Italy. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news about my pregnancy. I hope everything goes well till the end. “