Success is achieved by those who believe! IVF at the American Hospital realizes a dream for European citizens.

Albania is transforming into a health tourism destination for European citizens, who are increasingly choosing to trust the health at American Hospital.

The successes in In Vitro Fertilization is bringing little angels to the wings of couples who had long dreamed of the miracle being happening.

The Department of Reproductive Medicine and In Vitro Fertilization at the American Hospital counts consecutive records in In Vitro Fertilization. Records and success stories that have surpassed Albania’s borders, making more and more foreign patients trust us. This belief is not a coincidence, but a result of the high professionalism of specialized medical staff and a modern IVF lab that offers the latest technology.


In collaboration with prestigious European clinics, the American Hospital applies Time-Lapse technology, which has significantly increased the chances of success. Only one decade in world medicine applied only to 5 clinics in the Balkans, in Albania is only offered by the American Hospital.

Time-lapse has allowed scientists to understand better embryo development by significantly simplifying embryo’s work in selecting embryos with the best implant potential. In classical (old) technique, embryos should be extracted from the incubator to be analyzed in the microscope. With Time-Lapse, embryos do not shift from incubators, thus avoiding potential dangers. Time-lapse data is no longer a picture, but a complete embryo filming that helps physicians to see in detail all the morphological parameters and the difference that he experiences over the days until he is transferred to the womb. All of these bring you the highest chance of success in a cycle of In Vitro Fertilization.

The highest percentage of IVF pregnancy success in the region has made the American Hospital’s Fertility Center to be the first choice for all domestic and foreign patients who consider this procedure to be.

Based on statistics with Fertilization In vitro 80% of pregnancies are successful, for ages over 30 years the success rate is 62%, while for those over 40 years it reaches 46%.

At the American Hospital, they undergo personalized IVF treatment, which is determined based on the successful success of this team, combined with the latest in Science of Assisted Reproduction.

Successes are achieved by those who believe and the Fertility Center at the American Hospital is the way to realizing a woman’s dream of embracing her little toddler.l