A breaking Record the 62 years old woman gave birth to a baby girl by IVF help.

12:14 am on Wednesday 14 November in Rome, at the San Giovanni Hospital, a 62 year old woman gave birth to a baby girl.
Born by a cesaren, the baby weight three kilos and two hundred grams, both she and her mother at the moment have good health.
The entire embryo was implanted in Tirana, Albania. The woman, who is a nursing, has had embryo-donning in Tirana, Albania. The case of the Italian patient was followed at the American Hospital by the IVF team led by Dr. Elton Peci and embryologist Dr. Besfort Ferhati.

’The lady is fine, her postoperative recourse is regular’’, said the doctor.

When the doctor was asked about the little baby he said

‘’The little girl is fine now she is with her mom. She does what an three kilos and two hundred grams baby born girl can do’’.

Video Credits: Rai